Where I Am

It has been one of those weeks/ends where in baring singleness is not pretty and definitely not fun. And I don't have the pretty word pictures, metaphors, and stories that typically flood my mind at this hour.

It's my thought that when we are on The Path, His path, it's not going to be easy and there is going to be resistance. It's funny when the very thing you are excited for becomes the very thing you're terrified of. 31 Days of Straight writing...... On being single..... WHAT?

A good sign to continue pressing on, I'd say. 

But I don't want to write under self condemnation and yet I don't really want that stupid Devil to win tonight either. 

So in a full blown effort towards redemption, I'd like to share some treasured moments of gratitude in my single life these days. 

This cat, my tiny companion. 

Fall with friends. 

This show: amazing. And if you don't know me... Just observe the main character and you'll have a pretty good idea. 

Thankful for little life sweeteners such as these.


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