On Being Single

This is the first time I've been so inclined to write on the topic of singleness. The reason being because I've likely never been "single". (Gasp!) I've otherwise been classified as "in a relationship" or "heartbroken". The latter being the least appealing so I am wearing my singleness as a badge of honor.

I am 24 and single.

New things will be happening for this little online space I call home and with it, a new me! It's always been my goal to write authentically and vulnerably, navigating my way through the storm instead of only writing the epilogue or lessons learned. And while singleness may not be a full blown STORM there are certainly some tornados and never ending thunderstorms that pass through these sometimes barren lands.

Heck, who am I kidding, it's just a plain storm at times!

                                               So welcome to the single side of my life :)

I'd like to think of this season as having some kind of purpose, but often times I find myself playing "victim": feeling out of control, like I didn't choose this for my life, feeling jealous, and lonely, etc. I mean . . . what a long list of feelings there really are. It depends on the week, the moment, or even how much "girl" is in my system ;).

And I hate those moments when I find myself reacting to the hand-me-downs of life instead of acting because life is really what you make of it. (How cliche, I know.)

The truth is: I'm not in control, but I do have choice.
The truth is: While I would not prefer to be single for all of time, I did choose it for right now (refer to the beginning of the post at the mention of heartbreak ;).
The truth is: God's heart for me is reflected in the lives of my loved ones when they date, marry, and have children. That is my same God.

And the truth is: This is awfully empowering.

Gosh it's good just to write that friends.

So hi singleness, and welcome. Can we be friends? Please stay for as long as the story of this season is unwritten. I don't mean to rush you (but then won't you just get the hell out!). I welcome your processes, your lessons, your growth, your strength, and your gifts.

Singleness? Meet my life. Life: meet my singleness.

It's so nice to have you acquainted.


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