Pain & "presents" power

Pain's source is often times over past regrets and future worry. Regret over what we did, and what we should have done. Worry over what's to come, and wonder if it never will. I've found that the greatest solution to pain is remaining in each moment, experiencing the present to the fullest. 

We preach this to one another in the hard times but it is the hardest to live out. Hope so elusive, so evasive, it's sometimes hard to latch onto. 

We are searching for joy in the present and seeking the desires of our hearts. And the desire of our heart is joy. 

So we hope in these desires: friendship & community, relationships, careers & success. These things fail us and the pain slowly creeps in. The very same things we were created for. 

And yet there is One creator of hope and One creator of joy. The One who waits to hold our hope and the desires of our hearts in the palm of His hand. 

There is hope that never fails. 

So tonight, I'm thankful for present joy. For time as mine; Time with my sister, time to be silly, time to dance with my roommate, and time to love my new kitten. I'm thankful for a cozy home and for time spent on my front porch, the traffic and rain as my music and silence as my companion. 
These gifts I count as present joy, as Gods heart towards me. I leave the past behind and the future ahead because the present is too good to miss out. How many gifts do we miss because we are behind or ahead? 

So tonight, may we remember 'right now'. May we hold to the promise of 'I am'. Because we are walking with our God in this moment and He is blessing us right now with the gift of joy in our Present. 

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