Life update!

So today I received THIS in the mail.

It's official!

And I've been waiting for it to be official and doubting and wondering because the world of BG has been absolutely SILENT. (And usually they're up my bum about everything else.)

Do we ever get nice mail these days? I don't know about you but I avoid my mail like the plague for all it's ads, bills, and general delivery of bad news. How refreshing to see good news!

9 tickets. Lets invite the masses because I really wasn't certain I'd EVER see this day! Exaggeration, but seriously! I have wandered my way through college, been laxidasical (I'm googling how to spell this word and its making an appearance in the Urban Dictionary - really not a good sign for its' authenticity but I'm using it anyways!) about my future, and just generally waited for graduation to come to ME.

Well it didn't really do that and I've made a lot of painful mistakes but I can finally move forward and do my best not to look back!

Life after college really isn't so glamorous. The heavy burden of adulthood is so hard to carry and I long for those days when I truly thought I could do anything. (And I still can, right!?) Convincing myself has proven difficult and I begin searching for and carving out my future, especially when my heart just longs for family.

Is there a button that's pressed when a woman graduates college so she's just insta - ready to make babies!? Ew.

But really.

So I will keep pressing and try to stop "striving" (goal of life lately: Psalm 46:10) and seek to experience the God that will light my path, that knows my heart, and is GOOD GOOD GOOD! I will keep riding the waves of this high low life and aching for Home, and maybe one day there will be more and different and greater life updates :).

Until then, has anyone been there? Anyone have any wisdom, guidance, humor, love to share with me?



  1. Jordan, First of all CONGRATULATIONS! Graduating from college is a huge deal and is nothing except a time to celebrate. The uneasiness is a normal feeling. What I realized when I graduated was that up until that moment, my entire life was already planned out, but after you walk across the stage, it's up to you. There are too many options and the decision can feel like a panic attack (mine literally was a panic attack). What I can promise you is that God already has it figured out and the decision will be clear if you put your trust in Him. Take it a day at a time, and for now, just enjoy every second of this moment of your life. You don't ever want to be so worried about the next season in your life that you forget to notice the blessings of this one. So proud of the woman you have become! Love, Meg

  2. Congratulations, Jordan!! That is exciting!! Way to go and keep on going!! I have to remind myself all the time that God is good, regardless of the circumstances. It's so easy to forget when life happens!

  3. MEGAN. Sincerely THANKS. Thank you for taking the time to write that. SO TRUE about everything being planned out, so far planned out you don't have to THINK - high school: must, college: duh, life after college: _____???? And Tammy, thank you for reading and including me in the indesign community <3 .