Reflections on a Deathly Car Crash: Part I

It was a dreary, snowy, wet day as I traveled down I 75 South towards my college campus. A frustratingly long drive, at least for the punctually late girl who lives forty minutes from campus, but it was a day like all the rest.

Typically, the commute involves some type of granola bar, a beverage if I'm feeling extra "punctual", and some radio (hip-hop, silence, or some Jesus tunes, depending on the mood).

I've driven on this highway a thousand times over and it's always the same with its annoyingly aggressive semi's that always seem to drive in the left hand lane, and it's miles upon miles of corn fields and barn houses. I even look forward to seeing the mobile home situated next to that weird creek that's adjacent to the high way, and wonder almost every time, "Does someone really live there?"

On this particular day, there was an accident on I 75 North. I wasn't sure what happened (since I was driving), but it was apparent that on that side of the highway, traffic would be backed up for miles. I made a note to myself to drive the other route home.

Some cars, on the other side of the highway, took to turning around in the median (might I add, illegally), while others seemed to get out of line, pull off to the side, and crane their necks to see the situation with their own eyes, as if that would change anything.

While I was nearing the exit, a car turned into the median to travel from I 75 North, onto I 75 South. You know, that median where cops usually sit to clock your speed.

Yes, that median.

I didn't think anything of it seeing as I was nearing the exit in the right hand lane, the lane that was furthest from him.

Boy, was I wrong.

This man turns directly in front of me at about 20mph while I was going at least 75mph. 

Okay. Let's be real. It was probably 80mph.

So I panic. Immediately I'm slamming on my breaks and honking my horn. I'm swerving to my left (thankfully, there was no one in that lane which, I'm sure, brings you to my next question of WHY?!?) and I'm spinning out of control.

Since he pulled out so close to me, neither slamming on my breaks worked, nor did lane changing. In fact, lane changing is what caused me to lose control because I had to turn so dramatically in order to avoid hitting him.

At this point I begin spinning into a 180. I'm not even sure how far I traveled because all I could think of was surviving. 

The man who pulled in front of me (let's name him White Car) somehow avoided t-boning me and I happened to avoid the ditch that my car was so eagerly facing. Other cars were able to pass us with no problems, and so, there I sat, facing on-coming traffic. 

To be continued . . .

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